What is that thing you do that drives you crazy? The thing you know doesn’t serve you, but you just can’t help yourself?

For me, it’s flying under the radar. I am slow to put myself out there because it feels vulnerable. But to serve more people and grow professionally, I know I need to lean into that vulnerability. 

And it’s no surprise to me, as an Enneagram 8, that my behavior is tied to the Challenger’s fear of being betrayed or violated. 

So, how can we use the framework of the Enneagram to understand why we keep doing things that don’t serve us and make a change for the better?

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I explain how the behaviors that hold us back are rooted in the fears associated with our Enneagram type, describing how the 1’s fear of being wrong, the 2’s fear of being unloved and the 3’s fear of being worthless impact their relationships.

I discuss what’s behind the Enneagram 4’s inclination for upward comparison, the Enneagram 5’s tendency to hoard energy and the Enneagram 6’s habit of spinning worst-case scenarios.

Listen in for insight on how 7s can navigate their fear of missing out, how 8s can navigate their fear of being controlled and how 9s can navigate their fear of conflict to promote the greater good in the long term!

What You Will Learn 

How behaviors that don’t serve us are rooted in the fears associated with our Enneagram type

Where a 1’s righteousness comes from and how it disconnects them from the people they love and lead

Why Enneagram 2s are slow to name their own needs and sometimes look to others to define them

The question an Enneagram 3 can ask themselves to avoid hyper-busyness and burnout

How the 4’s fear of being abandoned and misunderstood leads to comparison and over-giving

Why an Enneagram 5’s fear of being helpless or out of control makes them withdraw from others 

What happens when an Enneagram 6 gets caught up in considering worst-case scenarios

How 7s can navigate their fear of missing out and choose one thing to do right now

Why Enneagram 8s believe that ‘only the strong survive’ and how that robs them of intimacy

How Enneagram 9s self-forget when they shift into peacekeeping as opposed to peacemaking

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