We can’t control what’s happening around us, but we can use the Enneagram to control the energy we show up with. 

If we understand the framework fully, the Enneagram gives us a roadmap to recognize when we’re spun out or stuck. And it offers guidance on how to shift our energy for the better.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I discuss how to use your stress number as a wakeup call that your energy is off and describe how to lean into your growth number to show up at your best— regardless of the circumstances.

I challenge Enneagram 1s to use play to shift their energy and explain why it’s useful for 2s to do something by themselves, while connecting with friends is better for a 3.

I share what to do when a 4 gets stuck in compulsive doing for others, a 5 engages in avoidance behaviors and a 6 gets hyper-focused on doing.

Listen in to understand what Enneagram 7s can do to shift out of black-and-white thinking, what 8s can do to emerge from unhealthy isolation, and what 9s can do to move away from self-doubt and take decisive action in the world.

What You Will Learn 

How to use your stress number as warning lights to shift your energy for the better

How an Enneagram 1 can use play to shift their energy out of an unhealthy 4

Why I suggest Enneagram 2s do something by themselves when they need an energy shift

How leaning into friendships can help a 3 shift out of their stress number 9

How structure helps a 4 shift their energy away from compulsive doing for others

The way a 5 can lean into their growth number 8 to shift out of avoidance behaviors

What it looks like when a 6 in stress pushes toward their growth number 9

How 7s can leverage solitude to shift out of judgmental, black-and-white thinking

What an Enneagram 8 under stress can do to emerge from their unhealthy 5 cave

How 9s can shift away from worry and self-doubt to take decisive action in the world

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