Did you take the Enneagram test but feel like your results don’t ring true? It might be because you haven’t identified your instinctual subtype. 

65 to 75 percent of people get mistyped by their Enneagram results. This is because artificial intelligence cannot account for all the twists and turns in the human psyche, and it can miss a crucial detail: The three subtypes. The instinctual parts of who we are. 

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I discuss the secrets to identifying these subtypes, describing how to unlock the nuances of our personalities and why it is so important to pair an instinctual subtype with your Enneagram result. 

Most of us have a combination of all three subtypes, but there will be a specific one that influences us more than the others. Listen in as I walk through the different instinctual subtypes, explaining how to determine which one is the most true to you and what that means for your Enneagram result interpretation. 

What You Will Learn

Why 65-70 percent of people get mistyped on the Enneagram

The different instinctual subtypes within the Enneagram

What questions you can ask yourself to determine your subtype and why you should care about which one you are

Real-life examples of how analyzing your subtype along with your Enneagram result can help you grow as a person and professional

How to use your subtype to have greater insight into your own life and relationship with others

How your subtype can trigger your fight or flight

Ways to ensure you’re not mistyped in the Enneagram

Dynamics of how people in a single group react to different situations based on subtype

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