Communication is a two-way street between the communicator and the listener.

But 80% or more of communication is not the words we use, but in our speech patterns and the nonverbal ways we communicate our energy to the other person. The Enneagram helps honor each of our communication strengths so we can be understood and understand others more effectively.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I explain what each of the other Enneagram types might be thinking when you’re talking to them. We’re talking about how you can develop next-level awareness when you are talking to the other Enneagram types in your life.

For instance, Enneagram 3s and 8s want you to ‘bottom line’ them, while 4s like deep intense conversations and can talk about anything.

I describe how the Enneagram 7s are the visionaries who love to hear your ideas and expound on them, plus they tell great stories.

No matter how brilliant, how savvy, or how many skills you have, the relationships in your life won’t work if you don’t know how to communicate effectively. Listen in for insight into communicating with each Enneagram type accurately and authentically.

If you’re ready to dive deeper into your Enneagram type, head to Tracy O’Malley to book your Enneagram Kickstart Session. I promise you it will probably be the most powerful 90 minutes of your life.

What You Will Learn

Why type 1s black and white thinking can lead them to be easily irritated and make quick judgments

How 2s stuff down their needs and what you do to help them explore some boundaries

How you can form a more intimate connection with an Enneagram 3 by slowing down the conversation

Why type 4s are the Enneagram type that you can talk to about anything

How to motivate type 5s to talk more without making them shut down

Why Enneagram type 6s are the best collaborators for developing better strategies

Why type 7s are THE go-to’s for bigger business vision

Why you will always know exactly where you stand with an Enneagram type 8

How giving Enneagram type 9s time to respond will open them up to sharing more of themselves

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