When Melissa Henault hit the magic age of 40, she decided she needed to do some internal work, so she hired a life coach, not knowing what would go on in between her ears.

Melissa is a former top corporate executive leader who publicly quit her multiple 6-figure career on LinkedIn™ in front of millions. Now she’s helping others use LinkedIn to generate organic leads through her LinkedIn Lead Gen Masterclass and her LinkedIn Method Academy.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Melissa shares the trauma in her childhood and how she tried to stay out of the chaos by excelling in sports and academics, all the while protecting her mother.

Melissa is an Enneagram 8, one-on-one instinctual subtype. The instinctual subtype is where nature and nurture collide to bring us to who we are and who we were always designed to be. It’s like the next level of the Enneagram.

She’ll share the profound moment when she realized she was recreating her childhood in her relationships and through self-sabotage in her business. I walk her through how her childhood experiences led her to want to protect her inner circle at all costs. 

Listen in to understand how Melissa can use her 7 and 9 wings to lean into her growth number to become a world-class leader and change maker. We’ll discuss ways she can continue optimizing the drive she was born with while embracing her vulnerability and softer side for an even energy exchange and more connection in her roles as wife and mother.

What You Will Learn

The 3 things that helped Melissa heal from her childhood and become a better version of herself

Why 8s sometimes feel the need to manufacture chaos in their lives

How type 8s can use their 7 and 9 wings to transform their intensity and use it for the greater good

How Melissa’s upbringing affects her instinctual subtype and causes her to ask, “what’s going to happen to us” when life happens

Why type 8 women’s difficulty receiving can cause problems in their one-on-one relationships

How Enneagram 8 women can lean into their feminine energy to allow their partners to be the superhero for more connection, intimacy, and trust

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