Mother’s Day week can bring up complicated feelings for so many of us for many reasons.

For some of you, it’s a huge celebration, and for some of you, this is a heart-wrenching week.

Maybe you’re not a mom but want to be. Or perhaps you didn’t have the example you needed in your mother—I think my own kids probably had those feelings at one time.

No matter your situation, whether you are a mama, on this side of heaven the most important child you will ever raise is the one inside of you.

So, I wanted to do a special episode to support whatever you’re feeling this week. And also, to explore some of the ways the tools of the Enneagram can help support you as a mom no matter what format that role takes.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I walk you through my personal journey as a mother to my two children. We’ll look at how the tools of the Enneagram helped me make massive changes in our relationship, both in how I related to my children and how I was able to hear and understand them.

I explore how doing the work and understanding your Enneagram type and the types of those you love and lead can help you develop the tools to offer your children a safe space so they can be the best expressions of who they were meant to be.

Listen in to understand how to use the Enneagram to offer yourself compassion for your inner growth because you are here for something beautiful, and you have an inner child inside of you that needs the mama in you.

I’d be honored to walk alongside you to help you integrate the powerful tools of the Enneagram into your life and into your parenting. Sign up to work with me here.

What You Will Learn

What I have learned as a mom over the last quarter of a century

Where most of our parenting strategies are learned

Why how we think about ourselves is reflected in our children’s actions

How the power of the Enneagram can help your children be their true selves and not just mirrors of you

How understanding your child’s motives can help you relate to them in a way they can receive

How asking bigger questions of our younger kids will allow us to teach them better

How using the Enneagram can help you build more trust with the children in your life

How you can use the Enneagram to understand why some things your children do trigger you

My number one tip to help you become the mom you have always wanted to be

Why the most important child you will ever raise is the one inside of you

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