I first met my guest Erin Nicole approximately four years ago, but we didn’t have an opportunity to get to know each other until we joined the same mastermind. Erin doesn’t have much background in the Enneagram, so I thought it would be fun to bring her on the show for another live Enneagram typing session—your favorite!

Erin Nicole Porter is a Spiritual Business Coach, Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Breathwork Facilitator, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in Training, Adult Attachment Repair Model Therapist, and Host of the Energetics of Business Podcast.

Although she is an Enneagram type 5, Erin recognized that she needed to put all her learning into the world; otherwise, the knowledge was pointless. This essential piece of insight helped me to determine Erin is a type 5 with a one-to-one subtype offering her the ability to tap into the emotional vulnerability that other type 5s don’t have.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Erin shares how she grew up on a farm in Ohio with midwestern energy in a blended family where she always protected her mother. This upbringing helped develop her one-to-one nature.

Erin shares her big life story around burnout and the effect that has had on her health. We explore how burnout comes when she’s leaning into her Enneagram stress number, the 7—with 8 million tabs open at once.

Listen in to understand what characterizes a one-to-one Enneagram 5 like Erin as we explore some ways she can change the way she expresses herself using her 4 wing. We’ll also look at how she can use her 6 wing to implement all her Enneagram 5 information gathering and pour it out through her life’s work to change more lives.

What You Will Learn

Why type 5’s seek all the knowledge but sometimes have difficulty sharing it with others

How Enneagram 5s try to manage their fears by hoarding everything from resources to energy

How one-on-one Enneagram 5s differ from other 5s in their desire for more emotional bonding with others

How Erin can use her 4 wing to communicate their feelings.

How Enneagram 5’s can lean into their 6 wing to share their vast knowledge with others

Why type 5s worry about becoming energetically and emotionally become drained

Why intellect overrides emotion for type 5s every time

How the type 5s propensity toward taking in so much knowledge internally can lead to body burnout

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