Once we discover the Enneagram, we often fixate on learning all we can about our core type.

But you’re missing out on the holy grail if you stop your Enneagram education there.

It’s like in your favorite movie—usually you have a phenomenal lead character but what makes them so phenomenal is the supporting cast.

In the Enneagram, we have our core type, which plays the lead role in our life, but we also have a supporting cast of tools we can use to step into our divine greatness.

 So how do you use ALL the tools of the Enneagram to achieve the pinnacle of personal growth?

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I walk you through the growth or integration number of each Enneagram type, so you take a deep dive into the tools you can use to grow there.

I discuss why it’s so important to expand your Enneagram education, so you have the right tools in your toolbox to help you level up your life.

Listen in to learn how to use the gifts of your wings to get to your next level of growth, and your integration number more quickly and effectively.

Are you sure of your Enneagram type? Do you know the true gifts of your Enneagram wings? I’d love to help you with accurate typing information and juicy tools for integrating ALL the Enneagram tools. Click HERE for the most powerful 90 minutes of your life.

What You Will Learn

Why knowing your core Enneagram type is just the first piece of the puzzle

How to use your Enneagram wings to get a snapshot of your whole personality

Why thinking you have only one Enneagram wing type is incorrect

How learning about the gifts of our Enneagram wings is the key to learning to fly

How to use all the tools at your disposal to be more elegant, effortless, and effective

How to make life imitate art by using your Enneagram supporting cast to become your true self

The 3 targets of the Enneagram you need to understand for the most growth in your life

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