Abundance and Manifesting are two of the most [over] used words in the self-growth industry.

Many of you are consuming all the information, taking every course, and hiring coaches and strategists on your quest for more growth.

But are you growing in the way that you wanted to?

So often, we continue to consume because we believe there’s something we’re missing somewhere.

I’m here to tell you—there’s not.

 But to make room for the abundance you desire, you must integrate ALL you’ve learned.

And that’s the hardest part.

So, how can you stop beating yourself up, bypass roadblocks and landmines and leave less wreckage behind on your path to abundance?

Today on the show, I’m lovingly delivering a hefty dose of BTE — Big Tracy Energy.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I am walking you through why all the courses you are doing, books you are reading, and even some so-called ‘experts’ aren’t helping you make the most desired changes in your life.

I’ll discuss why real change causes disruptions and why poking the bear causes the voices in your head to scream, ‘who do you think you are?’ But you don’t have to stay stuck there.

Listen in to discover why having a partner by your side when you are in the trenches of change will help you finally step into who you were meant to be.

Plus, why the ROI of having [the right] guide with you on your journey to manifesting the life of your dreams is worth every dime you will invest.

I know many of you want more abundance in your lives. If you’re tired of consuming and not integrating, I’m your girl! I have ONE VIP private one-on-one coaching spot open. Reach out to me on Instagram or click here to apply.

What You Will Learn

Why the song “The Gambler” is a perfect mantra for making BIG growth changes in your life

Why doing the actions to change is like poking the bear to you and those you love

Why ‘manifesting’ and ‘abundance’ are [overused] meaningless words without an action plan in place

How to bypass the roadblocks and landmines on the path to abundance

Why all the podcasts, books, coaches, programs, and even the Enneagram are just rusty tools sitting on a shelf without the work

Why letting go is the real key to the abundance you dream of

Why the ROI of having the right coach is worth every dime you will invest

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