Most Enneagram Type 3s accelerate all the time, which can lead to high levels of burnout.

But the real gift of the 3 is knowing when accelerate and when to pull back.

When I first met Danielle Langton, I could feel her Enneagram Type 3 Energy from across the room, but then I saw her step back, which impressed me, so I wanted to invite her onto the show.

Danielle Langton spent more than a decade working with brands and retailers, such as the H.J. Heinz Company, Dick’s Sporting Goods, vineyard vines, and Lily Pulitzer, on new product development and strategic selling. Now, she is a strategic business consultant and coach who helps her clients “create a life, not just a living.”

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Danielle shares why she walked away from her dream job at a tech startup and then used her grittiness and accountability to sign her first $60,000 consulting contract just 30 days later.

Listen in as Danielle shares the lessons she’s learned through the ebb and flow of her business, how she’s found fulfillment in the shift, and why leaning into different iterations of what you do can take you closer to the end goal. Plus, her one piece of advice for people who have a big dream but are scared to take the leap.

What You Will Learn

How success without a soul led Danielle to shift her focus on only the goal line

Why relationships are the key to moving ahead in business

Why it’s critical to be selective about the types of people you want to serve in your business

How the universe steps in to protect you from what you don’t want

The biggest metrics you need to have in your pocket to do your best work

How you can use your past successes to embolden the future when you feel like the bottom is falling out in your businesses

How pivoting can sometimes be the key that unlocks the end goal

The top 3 things you can do right now to take a step toward your calling

Danielle’s #1 piece of advice for stepping out of the fear that’s keeping you from your dreams

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