Impact is not one size fits all.

One of the things I often hear from my clients and even in my DMs on Instagram is that you want to make an impact. You want to make a difference and help people.

The truth is whatever impact you want to make is going to require something of you. And we’re not all wired the same. What may be right for someone else might leave you feeling drained, out of your depth, and ready to quit.

So how do you determine which type of impact will both light you up and be authentically true for you? 

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I’m again breaking out some of that BTE [Big Tracy Energy] to walk you through how you can use the Enneagram to home in on your natural gifts so you can change people’s lives without energetically bankrupting yourself.

Listen in as I break down what impact is and how you can use the instinctual variants of the Enneagram to determine how to work in flow with your authentic self and use your God-given gifts to send BIG ripples of change into the world.

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What You Will Learn

Why working in a smaller container can sometimes lead to a more significant impact

How to determine which type of impact is in alignment with your Enneagram type

Why part of the goal of self-awareness is to ‌toggle between the 3 three instinctual subtypes of the Enneagram

How the Enneagram can help you discover more opportunities for more significant impact

Why leaning into your zone of genius is the key to stepping into your flow

Why trying to duplicate someone else’s influence will only leave you energetically bankrupt

How to get the right tools to increase your impact no matter your age

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