One thing I often hear in my work is, ‘it’s been on my heart to write a book.’

But it’s a very vulnerable process.

And that keeps so many people from following their book-writing dream.

So, how do you overcome the fear of putting your story in a book?

Today, I’m bringing back one of the most inspirational people in my life. Jake Kelfer was on the show to do an Enneagram typing session a few months ago, and I’ve invited him back today because what he does and how he helps people write their books is inspiring.

Jake Kelfer is a 29-year-old powerhouse entrepreneur, speaker, book coach, and author. He’s the author of three books: Elevate Beyond, Elevate Your Network, and The Elevated Entrepreneur. But his real gift is coaching others to help them make their book writing dreams come true.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, Jake shares why he believes ‘that there is somebody out there that is waiting for you to give them your message in your voice … and ‘the most important thing you can do is find a way to give them that gift.’

We discuss the one question that put Jake on the trajectory of writing his first book in less than six months at just 23 years old and his passion and the purpose of helping entrepreneurs, executives and experts turn their dream of writing a book into a reality.

Listen in to hear Jake’s story of transitioning from his dream of being a sports agent to helping others become best sellers and why he believes life is just one big game and you just have to show up and play.

Plus, what you need to do before you start writing your book!

If you’re looking for YOUR true path to making an impact that will change lives in this world, book YOUR Enneagram Kickstart Session today!

What You Will Learn

Why you don’t have to achieve something to be able to give something

How Jake has learned to send the right energy out to connect with the right people

Why it’s vital to ask the right questions for honest conversation

The advice Jake’s dad gave him that helped him overcome his doubts and insecurities about writing a book about career development (at age 23)

Why Jake’s bigger mission made him write his second book

How Jake reinvented his dream to help more people make a bigger impact

Jake shares why anybody can benefit from writing a book

The critical reason writing a book will help you stand out to consumers over other options

Jake shares how much information you must have ready to start the book writing process

The 3-prong approach to high-level accountability

Jake shares his 90-day challenge to write his 4th bestseller

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