I want to be in the 2% emotionally, physically, and financially.

And I am willing to do what is required, and whatever it takes—I am here for it.

Is it always easy? No, and most of the time, it isn’t convenient either.

But if you want to reach the 2%, you will have to walk through conflicts of all types, because true surrender means having no contingency plan.

Today on the show, I’m delivering another (loving) dose of BTE — Big Tracy Energy.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I am walking you through the reasons why most people never make it to the 2% in overall personal development.

I’ll discuss the BIG requirements to see real breakthroughs in all areas of your life, including what might be holding you back and what you might need to walk away from.

Listen in to discover why surrender alone isn’t enough to move the needle in your life and why treading lightly (with the wrong people) will only keep you stuck and frustrated.

So, if you are ready to dump your fear and jump in to level up your life, listen to learn how to begin making big strides toward the purpose of your life.

Real magic happens when you fully surrender and then act! If you’re ready to take your next step, I have ONE VIP private one-on-one coaching spot open. Reach out to me on Instagram or click here to apply.

What You Will Learn

The hardest part of reaching your full potential

Why conflict is the real key to your next level of life

Why uncomfortable seasons are cyclical (hint: it has nothing to do with you)

Why new levels of growth always bring about more challenging conflicts

How your Plan B holds you back

Why “next levels” are almost always hidden behind hard conversations and challenging moves

Why diving into self-growth with the wrong guide is worse than standing on the sidelines

Why all that stuff you are running from is where your true greatness lies

Why surrender alone isn’t enough to move the needle in your life

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