Type 2s are the master connectors of the Enneagram.

As The Helper, they are the first ones you want to ask to help you with anything from your marketing newsletter to moving because they will most likely say YES.

Often those many yeses are driven by a deep-seated need to feel loved and appreciated. Problems arise when they end up overextended with calendars full of projects that don’t have true meaning to them, their gifts, and what they are here to accomplish in this world.

When I met coaching client Heather Lisle, a branding and marketing master, she was in the middle of a mess. The pandemic had sent her on a roller coaster ride in her BIG job, stealing her sweet spot of being in service to others as an Enneagram 2.

Needless to say, there was a void.

Today on the show, Heather joins me to walk us through the lightbulb moment she had during our Enneagram coaching and how it helped her refine her entrepreneurial focus, which enabled her to hit it out of the park financially.

Listen in as Heather walks us through the discovery that helped her in her relationship with her son and how the Enneagram has helped her make HUGE transformations in her communication with her husband (Type 8).

We’ll dig deeper into the Enneagram Type 2s greatest gifts and which aspects of being a two present the biggest challenge for a high-achieving woman such as Heather. Plus, she shares what she wishes more people understood about The Helper.

What You Will Learn

Why Enneagram 2s need to learn to put boundaries in place

How Enneagram 2s can still be connectors without allowing the resentment to get in the way

Why Enneagram 2s need to be careful of the codependency trap in their most precious relationships

How ALL Enneagram Types can learn to deliver the most challenging messages to others who aren’t wired the same way

The challenge 2s face from being seen as a pushover or as ‘too nice’

Which Enneagram is the hardest on an Enneagram Type 2

How Enneagram 2s can keep from learning lessons the hard way by engaging in a pattern of ‘trust but verify’

How other Enneagram Types should approach hard conversations with Twos (so they don’t shut down)

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