Enneagram 3s are resourceful and driven. They make success look so damn easy.

That’s why so many of us have a love-hate relationship with the 3s in our lives: They’re inspiring, energetic and capable. Yet they can also come off as overly assertive and intimidating.

But what you may not realize is there’s a catch to being a Competitive Achiever. Even though you may not see it, their fears run deep. And all that success often leaves them feeling lonely, exhausted and empty.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I give you an overview of the Enneagram 3, explaining why they’re the most prone to burnout and how they can get fixated on vanity or external validation.

I discuss what causes the disconnect between an unhealthy 3’s image and their real self, describing how Achievers are triggered by being set up for failure or not getting credit for their work.

Listen in to understand how a 3 can leverage the Enneagram framework to choose more fulfilling goals, develop an openness to different perspectives, and collaborate well with others.

What You Will Learn 

How Enneagram 3s are driven by a need for significance

Why it’s challenging to identify when a 3 is struggling

How Enneagram 3s will do things they can be the best at (even if it’s not fulfilling for them)

How an Enneagram 3’s relationships suffer when they’re in the zone

How a 3 can be received as overly assertive, inauthentic and intimidating

Why 3s are the most prone to workaholism and burnout

The 3’s fixations around vanity and external validation

How an unhealthy 3 avoids failure by carefully managing their image

The disconnect between the 3s image and their real self

How 3s are triggered by being set up for failure, not looking good, or not getting credit for their work

How a 3 can use their 2 wing to motivate others and 4 wing to choose fulfilling goals

The growth a 3 experiences when they tap into their 6 and 9 lines

Why a self-preservation 3 doesn’t fit the stereotype

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