“I say it probably three to four times a week, ‘dammit, I wish I was an Enneagram 3,’ because they have this beautiful ability to see a goal, set a goal, and then crush the freaking goal, making it look effortless. And once they’re done, they don’t waste a lot of time before they move on to the next goal and then rinse and repeat.”

As The Competitive Achiever, Enneagram 3s make it all look effortless. Their achievements and how they appear in the world drives everything they do.

They are constantly head down, blinders on, 100% laser focused chasing the next thing or a status symbol.

But the dark side is those blinders that are their superpower can also be the thing that takes a 3 out. The internal pressure can lead to exhaustion and relationship burnout.

So, how can Enneagram type 3s avoid succumbing to overextending in one or all areas of their lives?

Today on the show, Seena Ghetmiri joins me to walk us through how his all-or-nothing focus led to an unfulfilling career.

He shares the story of his realization, navigating the pit it led him to, and how his relationship with his wife (Enneagram 7) helped him in his transition to home in on how he could use his gifts for the best and even enjoy what he does.

We’ll dig deeper into the Enneagram type 3s physical reaction to stress and how Seena worked with me to drop the mask and let go of some of his hard grip control of his situation.

Listen in to learn more about the biggest misconceptions about Enneagram 3s, their greatest gifts, and how they can lean into their wings to learn more about being true to who they are.

Seena shares his advice for other 3s on the cusp of making big changes in their lives. Plus, how to bring out the best in the Enneagram 3 you live with and love.

What You Will Learn

Why Enneagram 3s feel like they need the status symbols to be the worthy

Why our impression that 3s have it all together is one of the biggest misconceptions about them

Why 3s should lean into their 4 wings to figure out why they want to win for more meaning

How Enneagram 3s can become more strategic instead of just crushing the next challenge

Why 3s need to hear words of affirmation about who they are instead of just what they achieve

How Enneagram 3s can jump off the deep end into vulnerability for more growth in all areas of their lives

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