When I entered recovery 10 years ago, I didn’t know that the real work would begin once I left the rehab center.

But you can’t manifest your best life and be the best version of yourself with all the clutter.

And you can’t clear the clutter without investing in your emotional sobriety—it’s the biggest hurdle of recovery.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I share my very personal story of how becoming the best version of myself changed my life and my children’s lives.

I discuss the most significant investments I’ve made in my recovery that help me walk in radical honesty and integrity each day.

Listen in as I walk you through why the Enneagram is one of the most critical tools in my sobriety. Plus, I’ll share what I am most proud of in my recovery. I can’t wait to share this special episode with you today.

We’re coming up on the last quarter of the year, which can often be the most abundant, but (with the holidays) can also be the most triggering. If you feel like this is your time for change and you’re looking for the right guide, I’d love to work with you. Apply Now!

What You Will Learn

Why the real work of sobriety begins after you take the substance away

Why being able to get to the root of your triggers can help you stay sober

Why it’s so hard for others to stand with you in your sobriety

Why it’s so difficult for people suffering from addictions to put boundaries in place

How we use people, places, and things to avoid dealing with our inner clutter

Why boundaries are required to reach the best version of yourself

Why recovery is a daily practice of radical honesty

The most crucial aspect of staying sober

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