I want to take you back about five years when I first made the decision to start Isagenix.  I started this journey not wanting to share with anybody. I was simply getting into the program because I needed something to help me feel better. For so long, I ignored my health both on a mental and physical form and knew I was ready to make a change. I was hopeful that Isagenix would be the opportunity to restore my health and get me on the right track to a happier and healthier way of living… and I can happily say it was. I know that some of you who are newer to my No Glory Without the Story community and don’t know my fully story, but when I first started Isagenix I had NO intention of sharing anything about it let alone starting a Facebook group that is nearly 30,000 amazing souls large.

To be honest with you, I didn’t feel worthy of change and I didn’t know if it was going to work for me.  I felt Isagenix was one of those things that OTHER people could benefit from, but not me. Sure enough, four or five days in that all changed.  My entire world changed.

About six months before I started Isagenix, I started to get really raw and real with myself.  All the masks came off and I was willing to be completely vulnerable, something I had never done my entire life.  It was the scariest thing I had ever done, but along with my other God-given personality traits, I made the decision to use Isagenix to bless other people.

When I started I had decided I was going to connect, reconnect, and be vulnerable outside of the safe rooms I had come to know.  But to practice courage, compassion, and connection in life is to look at the people in our lives and say “I’m all in.” I decided I was all in, not just in Isagenix, but in all of life.Being “all in” meant saying good-bye to people, places and things I had known my whole life, including old habits and patterns.  I had been a perfectionist, Type-A person and through my environment I learned perfectionism. Perfectionism is the largest form of self-abuse on the planet and it wasn’t until about 5 1/2 years ago that I decided to break those chains.

This time of the year some of us might be feeling down for not keeping some of the promises we made to ourselves regarding our health and journey since the new year. We are entering the last quarter of the year and we may be slipping back into old habits and patterns because it’s comfortable and certain. I was one of those people, so I understand that. It took me being very consistent and intentional on a daily basis to not slip back. Isagenix set me up for success, it provided me with the right tools and products to stay on track, not to forget an amazing community and support system across the world.

One book I bought when I was in counseling was The Gift of Imperfection by Brene Brown.  This book has been a game-changer for me in my life and if you find yourself struggling with habits of your past, I cannot recommend this book enough.

I recently picked up the book again and found myself feeling grateful.  Grateful for the growth I’ve had and the self-awareness to know where I still need to grow. I think for many of you, Brene’s book will help. Whatever that looks like for you in your life whether it’s shame, guilt, self-worth, or emotions that get out of control.  I learned so much about the techniques I used to cope with what was going on around me and I am so grateful to have this book in my toolbox to share with you. Her writing was the encouragement I needed throughout my journey and was the guiding light when writing my own book, Grace, Grit, Guts.

So if you are anything like where I was feeling stuck in your own journey, I’d love to hear from you. You can never underestimate the power one decision to change your life can have. 

If you are interested in learning more about my book, Grace Grit Guts or Isagenix, I have provided two informational links below.

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