Soul Surgery




Consider this your permission slip to stop caring what everyone thinks and start taking action toward the life you deserve.  

This program is for women professionals who want freedom, fulfillment, and laser focus as they make their dreams a reality—without sacrificing their sanity or social life to do it.

Whether you’re starting from rock bottom or a place that just feels unmanageable to you, I designed this program to accelerate breakthroughs.

This is Perfect for You If:

+You are filled with fear, anger, or resentment

+You have tried switching jobs, careers, or spouses thinking the grass is greener, only to see you’re back where you began

+You believe there MUST be more to your life- but can’t’ seem to get there

+ You feel like a hamster on a never-ending wheel

+You escape reality through alcohol, food, or drugs

+You believe SO much in the validity of what others think that you are holding yourself back by playing it small in life and masking who you really are

+You know better but you aren’t doing better

I know you are one mistake away from the wheels flying off the bus. You’ve been hanging on by a thread. You’ve done a wonderful job putting on the front. Know that I get it. I see you. I was you. I am you and I’ve got your back.

What to Expect:

+12-weeks of very intensive high-touch work so that you aren’t sabotaging or slipping into old patterns

+Bi-weekly 60-minute zoom sessions

+Daily access to me via the Marco Polo App

+A workbook with focused goals and written soul work

My 1:1 coaching can help you:

+Understand the dysfunctional behaviors that do not serve you

+Heal your relationship with substances

+Breakthrough the fear of what other people may think of you

+Escape the busyness of work and parenting life with choices that nurture your soul

+Replace daily frustration, resentment, and bitterness with confidence and calm

+Install a peace in your heart where restlessness cannot reside

+Shine the love and light in your heart on yourself, your family, and the world

There are many ways to “get a handle on this” and I know the flaws in those ways. I have done them all. I know what works when you do the work and work fucking hard at it.  You don’t have the luxury to try some things and see if it works anymore. Your business, health, family and life is at stake.

I know how courageous this step is to make. It was the bravest thing I have ever done. I work with professional women struggling just like you and they are turning it all around.

So instead of asking yourself, “What do I have to lose?”

Ask yourself..

“What will I lose if I don’t change now?” 

You are one conversation, one decision away from changing it all. I believe in you.

Be braved Beloved, I’ve got your back.

Are you ready to work together?


Stop letting circumstance derail your dreams. Call yourself on your bullshit, grab hold of your heart, and choose a different path—right now.

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