Soul Surgery




This program is for women professionals who want freedom, fulfillment, and laser focus as they make their dreams a reality. Together, we’ll face what’s not working in your life—and set the stage for profound and permanent change. Whether you’re starting from rock bottom or a place that just feels unmanageable to you, I designed this program to accelerate breakthroughs in your business and life.

My 1:1 Coaching Can Help You:

+Uncover what’s blocking you from achieving success in your business, health, and/or relationships

+Understand & heal the dysfunctional behaviors that do not serve you

+Create new results for your life

+Escape the busyness of work and life with choices that nurture your soul

+Replace daily frustration, resentment, and bitterness with confidence and calm

+Rewire your belief system

+Change the the things that are blocking you from your empire

+Shine the love and light in your heart on yourself, your family, and the world

What to Expect:

+12-weeks of very intensive high-touch work so that you aren’t sabotaging or slipping into old patterns

+Enneagram Assessment & Review

+Bi-weekly 60-minute zoom sessions

+Daily access to me via the Marco Polo App

+A workbook with focused goals and written soul work

+All sessions are recored and available for lifetime access

I only take a handful of women at at time to guarantee you receive the best quality support and direction. If you are ready to bulletproof your life and business, take action NOW. 

Be braved Beloved, I’ve got your back.


Stop letting circumstance derail your dreams. Call yourself on your bullshit, grab hold of your heart, and choose a different path—right now.

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