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Group Coaching


Are you ready to discover what is holding you back from financial abundance, healthy loving relationships, and find fulfillment in your life?

You are in the right place.

I know what it takes to transform your life from the inside out. That’s why I teach a simple, repeatable system anyone can master. I have a proven process roadmap that will guide you to a life you desire. By applying this powerful system in the context of your life, you can finally master the art of transformation minus chronic setbacks.

This process has transformed countless lives—and yours can be one of them.


This group coaching program is for women ready to take action on their dreams…with support from a masterful mentor and a loving, like-minded tribe.

Inside this groundbreaking program, you can expect:

+ A tribe of beautiful souls that mirror the love and light in your heart and encourage you to share it with the world

+ A box of sharp, shiny tools to smash your masks, slay your bullshit, and set yourself free from other people’s expectations

+ A safe space to experiment using your tools so you build your courage and confidence

+ A step-by-step program, plus accountability, to navigate change with grace, grit, and guts

+ A mentor (that’s me) who has used these teachings to overcome all odds—and shares hard-earned wisdom, insights, and inspiration while walking you through the process

No matter what roadblocks you face when you join the group coaching program, I will walk beside you every step of this amazing, uncomfortable and incredible journey.

How does the program work?

+ Using my proven process as a roadmap, you’ll craft a vision for the person you want to become.

+ You’ll attend the sessions, do your homework, and report back to your tribe as you navigate the ups and downs of life. Day in and day out, you’ll practice doing the work and applying these principles in real time.

+ When you achieve new breakthroughs (and hit new obstacles), your coach and your tribe will act as safety net and cheer squad, helping you continue to grow into your most authentic self.

By applying this powerful system in the context of your life, you can finally master the art of transformation minus chronic setbacks.

Who is the group coaching program for?

 This program is a great fit for you if:

+ You attend personal development events, seminars, and workshops only to fill notebooks with info you never revisit again.

+ You’ve tried leveling up and surrounding yourself with better people, but it makes you feel “less than” and play the comparison game.

+ The same patterns & behaviors you saw in your childhood are becoming your reality of today

+You grew up in a household of varying addictions & traumas

+You miss out on great opportunities and divine timing because you don’t want to rock the boat at home or at work.

+ You know there’s more to life but you’re stuck.

+ Your relationships or children need help.

Bottom line: If you keep choosing to do the things that are safe and comfortable instead of making the choices that could drastically change your life, you need this.

How could this program transform your life?

Just imagine…

+ Having the freedom to go, be, do, and have all you desire without fearing how others might respond

+ Choosing healthy coping mechanisms when life gets tough so you no longer depend on food, alcohol, stress, shopping, or caffeine to make you feel better

+Healing from the inside out and break past your limits-once and for all

Ready to erase the ache in your heart and change permanently for the better?

Enrollment opens soon. Sign up to be the first to know when the group coaching program becomes available.

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