Soul Surgery




During this live, in-person workshop, Tracy will use the tool of the Enneagram to help teams and colleagues understand one another better and build effective communication. Together, we’ll face what’s not working—and set the stage for profound and effective change. Insights, breakthroughs, and moments of reckoning are pretty much guaranteed.

You’ll discover:

+ How to develop effective leadership styles & identify areas for growth

+ How to broaden perspectives with a new understanding of yourself and those around you

+ How you can break up with familiar habits and patterns that no longer serve you

+ How to build a new set of tools designed to protect your mental & physical well being

+ How to effectively communicate with those around you

+Powerful insight on how to coach, encourage, and build stronger teams, relationships, etc.


This live workshop is your chance to receive:

+ Activation of your personal power, plus visceral shifts and ah-ha moments that only happen in person

+ Determination to confront your responsibility for making change happen and stick to it no matter what

+ Inspiration to act on your crystal-clear vision of the personal you’re meant to be

+ Awareness of your ability to do, be, or have anything you want

At the end of our three hours together, you’ll be fired up, feeling 10 feet tall and bulletproof—the perfect fuel to launch your most cherished dreams.

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