Is it me or do the holidays have a way at bringing out some of the behaviors and patterns we often keep locked away? Just like the decorations we’ve had packed up all year long, out of plain sight… This is the time of year to bust out all the décor to be on display and all our frazzled feelings bubbling to the surface.  Year after year, the strain of the never-ending balancing act of family and friends being pulled one way then the other brought me to my breaking point.  It stole the joy that the holidays were supposed to bring and left me feeling depleted and regretful…often times full of guilt.

From one event to the next, we crave a deep sense for peace and joy, but we are lost in the dizzy cycle of the stress and perfection that surrounds us. Whether it be overspending and overextending on the credit card that is keeping you up at night, the comparison trap of being Pinterest perfect, or the overwhelming feeling of loss and loneliness from missing a loved one… it’s needless to say the Holiday season can trigger some pretty intense feelings and coping skills that may not serve you.

With the holiday season in full swing, here are some helpful tips that I have put together to help you maintain a healthy holiday balance this season.

  1. “The power of No” – don’t over commit yourself! Say no to the things that may not serve you. It’s okay to just say, “That’s not going to work for me.”
  2. “Stick to your routine” – whether that be waking up early for some morning mediation or hitting the gym after work, stick with what you know to be successful on a daily basis.
  3.  “Let go of Perfection”– you don’t need to have the best baked goods or the fanciest Christmas décor, you just need to be you… your authentic and beautiful self. Your presence is the greatest gift you can give.
  4. “Be Thankful” – remind yourself daily of what you are thankful for this holiday season. Starting each day with a gratitude journal allows you to track the many blessings you receive in life.
  5.  “Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself” – allow yourself to embrace the fun that comes with the holiday season! So get out there and enjoy it!

I’ve included my FREE Trigger Free Holiday Workbook to be used as a guide to help you unpack those feelings that maybe preventing you from having the happy holiday season you so longly desire. I encourage you to print off this PDF and find sometime where you can get alone and unpack those emotions. There is so much joy to be found this season and I’d love for your presence to be the gift you give others.

Trigger Free Holiday Workbook

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