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It's time to dive into your transformation

My process works in three steps: Awareness, Acknowledgment, and Action.

When I ask people what they want to change, it’s the reoccurring that’s driving them crazy. I have people write down every big moment they remember from their life from ages 0-10. I dig into the first decade of life because that’s when your belief systems are born. We go into the sadness and pain and feel it so we can deal with it and heal it. At first, you’ll feel angry that you were wronged, hurt and failed, but then we’ll work to get you to take ownership of understanding that you were a victim, but if you continue in the same behaviors, that’s on you. You take accountability for changing the belief system. Then we move into action. You are going to remove people/places/things from our lives that are no longer serving us. You are taking radical responsibility for your life and you’re going to stop being everything for everyone else.

I get what you’re experiencing because I’ve had to overcome my own addictions. I’ve had to change my old patterns to kick my alcoholism and rise up to be the successful person that was always inside.  The difference is that I give you the tools and walk you through the process daily–no waiting a week until your next appointment. You can flourish in life if you get back to the real problem and change it. You’ve been masking the pain for decades. You feel angry. But now it’s time for a new story. I want to stop the cycle for you, but also to stop families from continuing these patterns and repeating this cycle.

I coach women who are in one of three stages:


CATEGORY 1 - The Calm Before the Storm

Pre (or semi-functional) addiction or behavior that doesn’t serve you…you’re in a cycle of back and forth. You’re playing “The Self Sabotage Game.” Daily stressors or circumstances are creating a need for distraction, escape, or partial or complete desensitization from the unhappiness and depression you are feeling from overwhelm.

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CATEGORY 2— The Eye of the Storm

When women have looked to extreme ways to escape from their overwhelm without immediate concern for the consequences or the wreckage it leaves behind.

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CATEGORY 3— The Tsunami Effect

Most casualties happen here. You are post-addiction and need reinforcement. With a new perspective, a “relapse” or backpedal could be deadly. You need to stay with recovery and not just have the tools, but use them daily. You’re looking to have a community of women like you to help.

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