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I never want you to be afraid to stand on the front line of your own life. It is impossible to be successful when you are submerged underneath the stress of life. Reaching your potential and achieving your dreams is going to take unconditional relentless commitment. It will require self-awareness on what you fear,  your soul’s desire and the things that set you off course. It’s going to require you to become bulletproof

My job is to ignite you again. Working together, you will be inspired and ready to not only face but take every hit that life will give you. Your purpose will become your profits and legacy.  

I coach women in three areas: awareness, acknowledgement, & action



Get started with a comprehensive Enneagram Assessment and a 60-minute session used to help you discover and have a new awareness of your type. You will receive meaningful direction to further discover your gifts in business and embrace life fully.



Includes One FREE Enneagram Kickstart Session + Five 60-minute customized sessions taking a deeper dive into the Enneagram as whole and unpacking your type. We will explore your internal messaging so you can acknowledge and move through life with elegance and ease. *Now accepting waitlist applicants

*BEST VALUE! (Kickstart Non-Transferable)




A 3-month program for established entrepreneurs/leaders looking to take action and grow your skillset while building a six figure income. We will use the tool of the Enneagram to ignite your purpose, profits and build your legacy. It’s time for you to become Bulletproof. Buckle up, let’s go.’


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Grace, Grit, Guts: From F*cked Up to Freedom

  • If you’ve been knocked down and think you can’t get up again…
  • If you believe there’s no escape from habits and patterns that don’t serve you
  • If you’re ready to learn the tools I used to climb back from rock bottom…

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