The Enneagram Types: Leading, Learning, Laughing, and Loving 

This Enneagram Tuesday is a little different this week—I am introducing the beginning of a series that I am very excited to share with all of you: I will be dedicating each episode in this to just one Enneagram type—their strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and traits. I use this episode to break down what you can get from the Enneagram, what I have gotten from it, and what learning about and listening to each of the different types of the Enneagram can do for you.

Listen to this episode to hear how the Enneagram can shift your leadership skills, self-awareness, communication, and understanding of not only you, but those you love. Listen to this episode to see how the following series will help you lead, learn, laugh, and love.

What you can get from the Enneagram

I introduce the series that I have been so excited to share with all of you, and talk through how each one will be broken down by type, how knowing every type can help you see, hear, understand, and communicate with those around you.

I share the power of the Enneagram and how at the age of forty, it changed my entire life—how I communicate, how I understand my family, how I lead, how I show up in my relationships—it helps articulate what is in my heart to the hearts of the people I love.

Lead, Learn, Laugh, and Love

I discuss how the Enneagram can help make you a better leader, how being a good leader starts with leading yourself, and how self-awareness is the key to understanding how to lead others effectively. I talk about how much you can learn from the Enneagram, and why it is my favorite tool in understanding myself and others.

With each episode, I will show how to laugh at yourself, how you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, and how important that is in order to find joy. Lastly, I share how the Enneagram can help you communicate the love that is in your heart, recognize the love in others, and how it can help grow compassion for those around you, no matter their personality type. 


“It’s one thing to know your type, that is the first step, to really understand yourself.”:39

“You can’t really lead others, whether it’s in your home or in business, if you can’t effectively lead yourself.”  :46

“The best way to effectively lead yourself is to have a level of self-awareness that’s mastered, and it’s a continuous process” :53

“It’s one thing to just know your type, but information doesn’t equal transformation.”  4:40

“Even the paid ones and even my favorite [Enneagram tests] are wrong 65-70% of the time”  5:42

“When you are not only understanding yourself and how you as a leader may impact other types, you are able to adjust accordingly.” 8:37

“We can all learn from each other, but you have to know who you are and who you are leading.” 10:16

“I think when we want to be right, we feel like we’re coming from a place of insecurity and there’s no room for that in love.” 11:19

“When you can understand yourself and the people that you love, there is a lot less complexities and apologizing.” 16:27

“Each beautiful type has a gift, and there is not one type that is better than another.” 21:56

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