The Mommy Millionaire Mentality starts with your kids

This week’s guest is someone I have been wanting to interview since before I even had a podcast. I have known this special human for almost seven years now, and it has been incredible to watch her beautiful evolution within her family and business, Mommy Millionaire. Cayla Craft talks about the hard stuff, about the struggles of making money and raising a family and shares her own journey of moving away from safety and into her true calling to help mommies make money.

Listen to this episode to hear how to financially set goals and reach them, how to build a family and business that is inclusive, and how to overcome and change limiting beliefs from “why me?” to “Why not me?”

Tapping into Little Cayla

We start this episode by diving into little Cayla’s childhood, the beliefs that were instilled at a young age, and the moment that taught her it was time to grow up at the age of 5. She talks about her parents’ divorce, her family’s struggle with money, and the story of a broken bone that made her commit to herself that she was going to grow up and have money.

Keeping her family together

We talk about Cayla’s career as an RN in the ER, how she found network marketing and the decision to finally let go of the safety of her career and pursue the promise she made to herself all those years ago—to step into her true calling, help women, and make money for her family. Cayla shares the struggles she faced keeping her family together, the decision to do the work on herself, the reasoning behind it, and it encouraged her husband to do the same.

Get the millionaire mentality

She shares the two most important things she and her husband do to uphold the other and build an inclusive family, how to instill the millionaire mentality in your children at a young age, and how to show up for yourself, your kids, your partner, and make the money you deserve.

Cayla Craft

Cayla Craft is a mom of 3 and founder of Mommy Millionaire. She is on a mission to empower 1 million women to make 1 million dollars or more a year. She has been featured on CBS, ABC, The List and the Hallmark Channel sharing tips for women to thrive in business.


“I’m done playing small, I’m done not stepping into the calling that God has on my life, and I’m just gonna freaking do it.” 3:07

“I felt like a freaking bulldozer when I was really meant to be a Ferrari, so I had to do that work on myself.” -Cayla 4:34

“Where our beliefs are born is when we’re young.” 5:14

“That’s the biggest thing people can do when they’re having marriage problems is realize it’s not the big people that are fighting, it’s the little people.” -Cayla 17:28

“When people are seen, heard, and understood, anything is possible; the communication opens wide open, and the trust is there to let down the walls.” 17:59

“If you’re fighting, go have sex; if you want to talk down on your husband, go flirt with him instead, and that will help you drop into your feminine so that he feels that masculinity.” -Cayla 22:06

“We’re not victims, none of us are victims, we chose all of this—it’s my life’s work to help people realize that.” -Cayla 28:25

“It is so important to not just make the millions of dollars; if you don’t have the mentality to back it up, either you’re gonna lose it, you’re gonna blow it, you’re not gonna be fulfilled by it, you’re gonna destroy your family with it.” 31:39

“If you put your children first, if you put them and you teach them the mentality of a millionaire at a very young age, your household will run a lot more smoothly and incredible things will happen.” -Cayla 33:00

“Any belief that comes up, challenge it.” 41:33

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