Overcoming regret and using it to become your greatest gift

This week’s guest is someone I was divinely led to meet—she is one of my dearest friends and has the most beautiful spirit. Deanna Falchook is a real-life Disney princess who uses her story to help women see the light through the rubble. Deanna shares her story through music and storytelling, talks about her journey to adopting kids from around the world, being called to do something great, and how she helps other women identify their path and get unstuck from previous trauma.

Listen to this episode to hear how sharing your story can build compassion and connection, how it can help open a safe space for others to heal, and how perseverance and faith can help you overcome the darkness and struggles and become the greatest gift in your life.

The impact of broken promises

Deanna shares the dysfunctional childhood she grew up in—how she was the youngest of four sisters and shares how her father was emotionally abusive, a paranoid schizophrenic and would tell her she would never amount to anything. She talks about how she used the songs and story of Cinderella as an escape to sing about dreams that do come true, how she aspired for something greater, and discusses how broken promises can lead to expectations and shape your ideas about the world.

The unexpected might be exactly what you need

Deanna shares how she became a real Disney princess at Disney, the life-altering decision that she made to save her dream career, and the overwhelming regret and shame that followed. She shares how sometimes birthing the unexpected things that come into our lives can be the greatest gift.

She describes her transition into music and how she was eventually called into something greater, her journey through adopting five kids, sharing her story, her financial struggles to support her family, eventually discovering network marketing, and walking away from stability to do what she was called to do.

Creating a community of healing

Today, Deanna uses music and her platform to create a community of healing, to have conversations in love, and share stories to help one another heal. She helps people accomplish what they are born to do by overcoming trauma and helps them move forward to birth the promises and gifts that god has in store for them.

Deanna Falchook

Deanna Falchook is a marketing strategist, blogger, and creative thought leader. She helps entrepreneurial leaders and organizations articulate their mission and narratives via a unique storytelling gamification method focusing on fairy-tales, fictional characters, and historical war strategies. The results are leaders with a clear understanding of their goals and past missteps and more precise and practical roadmap to profitable personal and organizational outcomes.


“The very thing I was trying to save by having this abortion, I lost.” -Deanna 10:35

“Possibly birthing the unexpected thing and persevering could be the greatest gift of your life.” -Deanna 10:58

“When we stuff stuff down and think we’re wiping our slate clean, we think we can outrun, outlast, outwit and just move on, and that’s not always possible.” 13:05

“I wanted to do more and follow my heart but then there was the bottom line of finances.” -Deanna 18:45 

“I was sitting on a goldmine, but I didn’t really know how to deal with it.” -Deanna 20:20

“Here’s the thing about birthing promises, when you hit a recession, you forget who you are, your identity is gone…you forget parts of yourself and you think you can’t do it again.”  -Deanna 20:53

“You never know—just shifting this one thing could destroy you and it could free you.” 23:13

“You really do build a faith muscle from going through those experiences.” -Deanna 25:00

“What I found is that it brought me into a place of being able to use what I consider the most tragic decisions of my life and God has used that for me to be able to touch other people.” -Deanna  32:15

“Shame is the silent killer.” 35:00

“God will take those stories full circle.” -Deanna 37:00 

“Every life thing that happens exposes deeper healing that can come from some of these experiences.” 39:30

“Just because we’ve done some work doesn’t mean we’re ever done.” 39:47

“I encourage other women to express themselves with somebody—talk about it!” -Deanna 43:15

“Don’t be stuck with the pain and struggles from your past, move forward into birthing the very thing that God has planned for you and the promises that God has planned for you.” -Deanna 44:25 

“We stay as sick as our secrets.” 45:03

“We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it.” 47:05

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