How keeping promises to yourself can change everything

This week’s guest is incredibly special, real, authentic, and has a presence and posture that commands a room. Amy Ledin intimidated the hell out of me when I first met her, and because of that, I knew she was going to be someone I needed to learn from and pay attention to. Her vibrant beautiful soul has overcome so much, and her story behind the glory of her multi-million-dollar business and success is incredibly powerful.

Listen to this episode to hear how high personal integrity will increase confidence and how you show up in the world, how to find the silver lining in everything, and how to build the habit of keeping promises to yourself.

Pushing down the trauma and pouring into achieving

Amy talks about her strict religious upbringing, how it taught her to be small, and how to get noticed for her achievements. She discusses two traumatic events she experienced before she was 18, and the shame that came from her community and family afterwards. She shares the negative emotions and unworthiness that came as a result, and how these eventually resurfaced after she got married to her first husband.

Building strong personal integrity

We discuss the events that led to her divorce, how facing the lack of integrity and cheating on herself forced her to finally face her trauma and dig deeper. She shares the devastating diagnosis that was a result of trauma, how positivity, mindset, strength, and resilience helped her survive, and how she now leads her life without judgement and in alignment with herself as a result.

Amy shares her journey to health, how keeping promises to herself helped her get there, and discusses how she helps others do the same. Today she helps people reach their goals through fitness and building strong personal integrity to become the best versions of themselves.

Amy Ledin

Amy Ledin, Co-Owner and Operator at Lean Bodies Consulting has been in the online wellness space for over a decade. Her coaching in this space has led to her passion in helping women build strong personal integrity. Amy is open to having the hard conversations in life that move us forward and raise us to the next level of growth, love, and understanding. She has learned to embrace her vulnerability, sharing the deep stuff that has shaped her. Being a stage 4 cancer survivor, Amy loves sharing her mindset hacks and strategies that helped her through her fight to not just be a survivor, but an overcomer.


“When you beat cancer, you just don’t give a crap anymore.” -Amy 5:47

“I wouldn’t tell people that I needed them because I felt like if you had that power over me, that you would take it from me.” -Amy 7:02

“Stage 4 non-small-cell lung cancer is a non-smoking cancer that has been linked a lot to trauma.” -Amy 16:58

“I know that we all have these things in the closet that we just bury, shove down, power through, and it’s making you sick, it’s making you tired, it’s making you feel like an imposter, and you’ll never live out your calling as long as that’s happening.” 18:56

“You gotta always have an activity agreement even if it’s like a day off from the gym, I still know every day it might be 5 minutes of stretching—something that’s good for you.” 22:04

“If you’re a leader or a parent or just a human being, when you are out of integrity with keeping promises to yourself, it does not feel good and it will affect and drip into every area of your life.” 26:08

“This is the first time in my life that consistently I kept every promise to myself and that feels really f*cking good.” 31:26

“I take a loss and turn it into a learn.” 32:16

“You are where you are right now because you feel you should be there.” -Amy 34:20

“I know I wouldn’t have been able to fight cancer had I not gone through the 2 traumas I already had gone through.” -Amy 35:13

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