Hi, I'm Tracy

Hi, I'm Tracy

A business coach, speaker, and self-made millionaire determined to help you excel in your life… unapologetically and with grace. 

As the Queen of Tough Love (with a whole lotta love), I’ve facilitated soul breakthroughs and sustainable change in thousands of people all over the world. 

Together, we tackle limiting habits, navigate tough transitions, and create shifts that result in emotional, physical, and financial freedom.

When I was nine, I hopped on my bike and toured local churches in search of a higher power. A few decades later, I hit rock bottom—and discovered what faith really was.

I climbed on a rocket zooming upward using the tools I now teach.

  • I went from ground zero to multiple millions in a little over two years, building a coaching empire and 60,000-person organization from scratch. 
  • I went from anxiously throwing up in a closet pre-speech to baring my soul on stage, becoming a keynote speaker for tens of thousands of people.
  • I went from a soul-sucking, time-robbing job to a purpose-driven business that brings me deep fulfillment and the freedom to put my family first. 

You can create an inspired life, even when the odds stack against you. 


Every time I sank to my knees in emotional, financial, or physical despair, I wrestled myself back onto my feet using the process I teach. 

Every time I shed the wreckage of my ruin, I emerged stronger than before. 

More passionate. 

More powerful. 

More raw and real and authentically me

In the process, I rose to higher levels of spiritual, personal, and professional success than I ever dreamed possible.

Which brings me to you. 

I see you. Your love and light. Your stress about work and relationships. You caring so much about change, only to find yourself back where you began.

I feel you. Your heartache and burnout. I know how devoted you are to becoming your true self one day no matter what.

I see you. I feel you. And I believe in you. 

Even if you’re crawling out of a hole–

Even if you’re slammed up against a wall–

Even if you’re hiding in shame–

Something better than you could dream will emerge from this moment.

I am committed to helping you reclaim your power no matter where you start. I will help you get to a better place in your health, business, and relationships.


Are you ready to begin breaking through blocks and living your best life? 

Get into action by downloading my guide, 6 Keys to Transform Your Life.

Think of it as a blueprint to uncover everything in your life that’s blocked you from achieving your success and how to create new results in your life. It’s time to get familiar with the old story you have been carrying around for a decade, and crush the negative beliefs once and for all.


If you’re still reading this, thank you for trusting me with your heart, your time, and your attention. They are precious—and so are you.

This is the beginning of a beautiful journey for you and your warrior heart. 

And I promise to be here every step of the way. 


With all my love,


Are you ready for more?

My biggest why is to help people get unstuck from their own habits/patterns/stories that paralyze them from living their best life.