To be part of a good team, you must take responsibility for yourself. To be an effective leader, you must know both how to lead yourself and how others might receive you.

The number one reason people are happy with and will stay in an organization is the culture.

The Enneagram is an effective tool for discovering which gifts each member of your team brings to the table and what trips them up so you can communicate with them in a way where they feel seen, understood, and valued.

So, how do you integrate the power of the Enneagram for a bigger payoff in your business?

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, we’re talking about how teamwork makes the dream work.

I discuss why real magic can happen when you use the power of the Enneagram for more effective communication, conflict resolution, fewer office politics, and more measurable growth for your team.

Listen in for insight into how you can use the strengths of each of the Enneagram types on your team to discover where they shine so they can operate in their zone and your organization can operate at its big picture highest level.

I love helping teams and organizations, businesses, and corporations make sense of the puzzle pieces within their teams. I’ve worked with large groups like at Google, solopreneurs, and many organizations in between to help these teams work better together for more passion, purpose, and profits. I’d love to work with your organization. Click here to work with me.

What You Will Learn

Why understanding the motives of each team member helps reduce judgment and criticism for more productive conflict

How discovering the Enneagram types of your team members can help you offer them more work satisfaction

How the Enneagram offers more effective time management for team members

Why using the Enneagram with your team opens up communication pathways for deeper understanding

How you can use the Enneagram for longer-term team commitments

How bringing the Enneagram into your home will give you a more harmonious household

Why having only one Enneagram type on your team is a recipe for a disaster

How understanding the subtypes within your organization—self-preservation, one-on-one, and the social types—can be the catalyst for taking your team to the next level

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