Have you ever become so stressed that you flipped a switch and acted like a completely different human?

Maybe it felt like an out-of-body experience, or you felt utterly out of control?

Guess what there is a reason for that.

Each Enneagram type has an area of disintegration or stress that they veer towards when they become especially stressed.

So, today we’re going to explore how every Enneagram type reacts to stress and how to help.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I walk you through the disintegration or stress number for each Enneagram type.

I discuss how you can learn to reverse engineer what’s bugging you based on the core fear of your Enneagram type. Plus, I share how you can use your stress number in a positive way.

Listen in to understand the direction your core Enneagram type goes to when pushed to the edge, and how you can use the GPS of the Enneagram to get to the source of what’s going on, so you can find your way back to center sooner. 

Do you want to learn more about using the tools of the Enneagram to deal with stress? I’d love to work with you individually in an Enneagram Kickstart Session.

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What You Will Learn

How venting helps a stressed out Enneagram 1 decompress

Why helping a Type 2s delegate some of their obligations will reduce their stress levels

How being authentic about your own vulnerabilities can help a stressed-out Type 3 take their mask off

Why it’s important not to minimize the feelings of an Enneagram Type 4

Why a beach day is a perfect way to help an Enneagram 5 quiet their mind

Why Enneagram 6s are the most likely to suffer from imposter syndrome

Why creating a great playlist for them will press the pause on an Enneagram 7s stress

The number one reason focusing on their breathing helps bring a Type 8 back to their center

Why giving a Type 9 permission to “let it all out” in a safe zone is the key to reducing their stress

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