When you set about working toward your goals, often, coaches and teachers lump everyone together as if everyone has the same innate ability to set and achieve goals.

But that’s not true—we don’t.

How an Enneagram 8 tackles a goal differs significantly from how an Enneagram 2 sets out to achieve a goal.

Today, I’m sharing another triad within the Enneagram that you may not have heard about, called the stances or the social styles that subconsciously affect how you show up and what you do to get what you want.

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I walk you through the three stances or Hornevian Groups and the three Enneagram types within each group.

I discuss the different motivations and how each Enneagram type acts, focuses its attention, and moves through the world and toward its goals.

Listen in for an extra layer of understanding of how you and the people you love, and lead approach life based on which one of the three Hornevian Groups they are in, and their intelligence center based on their Enneagram type.

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What You Will Learn

Why one size fits all coaching and teaching doesn’t work for all Enneagram types

How understanding the Enneagram stances can help you form deeper connections

Why future-oriented Enneagram 3s, 7s, and 8s will make more relational progress with other types if they slow down

How perfectionism keeps Enneagram type 1s, 2s, and 6s from moving forward toward their goals

Why working with a professional can help Enneagram type 4s, 5s, and 9s stop overthinking so they can take steps to accomplish their goals

Why Enneagram 8s, 9s, and 1s approach their need for independence in vastly different ways

Which type in the heart center of intelligence will try to earn attention, and which type will withdraw to get noticed

How each Enneagram type in the thinking/head center of intelligence seeks the security they crave

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