“When we’re in relation, there will be conflict, and conflict isn’t a bad thing. Conflict is, honestly, the greatest catalyst for growth. It’s how we respond or react to it that can make or break what this looks like for you.”

Today, I’m sharing the three Harmonic Groups of the Enneagram, each containing three Enneagram types, one from each center of intelligence. 

On this episode of The Leadership Formula, I walk you through the fundamental way each Enneagram type deals when confronted with conflict, loss, and relational obstacles based on their Harmonic Group. Plus, how each Enneagram type responds to and handles adversity when their needs are unmet. 

I walk you through which Harmonic Group is emotionally reactive under stress, which group prefers to sweep their feelings under the rug, and which group remains emotionally detached when in conflict. 

Listen for insight into how you and those you love respond to the hard things that come up in our lives, for a deeper understanding and more compassion for yourself and others.

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What You Will Learn

Why conflict done right can be the catalyst for life-changing growth and transformation

Why Enneagram 4s highly reactive response to problems can lead them to feelings of hopelessness.

How Enneagram 6s doubtful nature can test their partner’s trust

Why Enneagram 8s are the first to confront others when relationship conflicts occur

Why Enneagram 2s hyper-focus on others causes them to overlook their own internal desires

How the Enneagram 1s critical and detached nature can lead them into conflict with others

Why 7s positivity can sometimes cause them to ignore their true feelings

Why Enneagram type 9s sweep things under the rug, hoping problems will work themselves out

Why Enneagram 3s stay focused on the task at hand even when the world is crumbling around them

Why Enneagram 5s prefer to solve their own problems instead of seeking advice from others

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