Thrive from Your Own Personal Journey

Learn the tools I used to climb back from rock-bottom.


When I started the process of writing Grace, Grit, Guts, I was also planning my own funeral

My health had taken a drastic turn, and it wasn’t looking like I would live to see the year 2018.

So I began to share my story: Everything from entering rehab, quitting my job, and going through a serious break-up to taking care of my two beautiful kids as a single mom. 

Through this storytelling and vulnerability, I began to notice first-hand just how my “not so perfect” story was being used to help others. I realized that in order for others to truly benefit from the healing medicine of my story, I couldn’t hold anything back.

All my masks were stripped. 

I ditched worrying about what everyone else would think, 

and let my glorious vulnerability flag fly.

Writing this book helped me realize it’s impossible to be successful when you are fully submerged in the stress of life. Reaching your potential and achieving your dreams takes unconditional, relentless commitment, as well as self-awareness of what you fear, your soul’s desire, and the things that set you off course.

After I established an understanding of how I operated and connected back to the soul of who I was and what I truly wanted, only then was I able to develop an effective action plan that allowed me to build the legacy and have the freedom I desired

This book will help you do the same.

Who Is This Book For? 

Grace, Grit, Guts was written for…

  • The person that has been knocked down and believes they cannot get back up one more time.
  • The person that believes there is no way out of the lifetime of habits and patterns that no longer serve them.

About Tracy O’Malley

Multi-million dollar entrepreneur, speaker, and author Tracy O’Malley is a world-renowned Master Performance and Business Coach. She has helped thousands of women ignite their purpose, profits, and build a legacy by giving them the tools to Become Bulletproof. As an Expert Enneagram Coach, Tracy has used the Enneagram for over seven years to help accelerate transformation, build powerful, effective and compassionate leaders, and create sustainable and lasting change.

She is an experienced leader respected for her Soul Surgery Method that provides a no-nonsense approach to demolishing negative patterns in people’s lives and helping them get “unstuck.” 

She not only helps you acknowledge your blocks but gives you the tools to take the correct action to live your most prosperous life. Her process is one of the most effective leadership tools that is impacting generations today. Within two years of launching her network marketing business, Tracy made her first million. She has been featured in Success From Home Magazine, won several top awards in her network marketing company, and continues to be an industry leader. She is on a mission to serve her community and works closely with youth and animal rescue organizations.

I wrote this because I believe that you must

Know the Way, Go the Way, and Show the Way.

I wrote this because sometimes you just need to see someone go first!


Are you ready for more?

My biggest why is to help people get unstuck from their own habits/patterns/stories that paralyze them from living their best life.

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  • If you’ve been knocked down and think you can’t get up again…
  • If you believe there’s no escape from habits and patterns that don’t serve you
  • If you’re ready to learn the tools I used to climb back from rock bottom…

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