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Motivate and accelerate change in your audience with raw and real stories from the front lines of powerful living.

Empower your team members, colleagues and clients to reach their potential with the tool of the Enneagram.

Book Tracy O’Malley, a leader among six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs, to create massive shifts in your group’s self-leadership, productivity and personal fulfillment.

As an Expert Enneagram Coach, Tracy has used the Enneagram for over seven years to help accelerate transformation, build powerful, effective and compassionate leaders and create sustainable and lasting change.

Tracy has the unique ability to captivate audiences while planting the seeds for immediate action and long-lasting transformation.


“Mauv C”

I don’t consider myself a softie, so when a stranger brings me to tears in a conference setting, I believe there has to be something pretty darn special about that person. Something that prompts me to want to share my story.

“Kim W”

Thank you for the words you spoke directly to my heart yesterday. I cried, ugly cried! I needed to hear what you were saying. After very bad situations and relationships, I was left feeling weak and wretched. What I’m discovering is that I need to let all those layers fall off and learn to love myself. Thank you for being real! You have truly impacted me.

“Lyle W”

I am a retired Police Officer and Instructor at the Police Academy, plus spent many years in sports hearing a lot of motivational speakers. I have heard hundreds of people speak. YOU are one of the best speakers I have ever heard.

“Sara L”

Because of your courage, my life just changed! You spoke to my soul. Your message affirmed my decision to go all in. I saw me in you. You are vulnerable, beautiful and an inspiration, and I am forever grateful. I can’t stop crying—a total mess—I guess a few Masks are torn off! This hurts so good.

“Amanda K”

Thank you so much for sharing on stage today. You had me in tears. So many wonderful nuggets I took from this. You are a true inspiration and powerhouse!.

Tracy’s keynote addresses have been delivered live to 60,000+ person audiences and LiveStreamed around the world. Her numerous interviews on leadership and entrepreneurial podcasts have been downloaded thousands of times.

Tracy O'Malley's most popular speaking topics include:

+How using the Enneagram to understand personalities in your organization & customer base can mean bigger profits in your business
+ Leverage everyone you connect with & increase profits by understanding the Enneagram
+Make game changing breakthroughs happen in your business with the Enneagram
+Harnessing opportunity with the tool of the Enneagram
+Using the Enneagram to understand the “WHY” behind behaviors and resistance of your ideal clients so you can more efficiently guide them
+Understanding the Enneagram to build exceptional client relationships
+Using the Enneagram to accelerate and support deep transformations and developments in your business
+How to use the Enneagram to win clients and influence people
+Using the Enneagram to resolve and navigate conflict in business
+How to have deeper connections in business using the Enneagram

In addition to these topics, Tracy is an accomplished speaker and mentor for a variety of subjects related to the Enneagram for personal and family development.

If you are interested in learning more about those topics, let us know.

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